David Fraser-Hidalgo believes strongly that state government should do everything it can to help its citizens build a strong, vibrant community which provides a safe and secure place in which men, women and children of all races, religions, social classes and sexual preferences can achieve their personal goals, however they choose to define them.

Below are several critical components to sustaining a strong and secure Maryland:

Education – As a product of Montgomery County public schools and the father of two young children, David believes in a robust public education system which allows all of its students to rise based on their ability and aptitude and which helps those less fortunate to overcome the difficulties that confront them.

Economy – Having run a small business in Maryland, David knows it is critical for Maryland to have a versatile and resilient economy which promotes self-sufficiency by ensuring that all workers earn a living wage, are free to advance in their chosen careers without fear of discrimination based on race, sex, religion or sexual preferences, and who are provided with ample opportunities to achieve a work-life balance.

Jobs – A vibrant business community provides its workers with safe and secure employment by adopting common-sense policies that encourage businesses to locate to, remain in, and succeed in the state of Maryland. David has been a leader in the fight to increase the minimum wage.

Public Safety – David’s first job after college was a police officer in Montgomery County. He strongly believes in the need to ensure that our citizens, businesses and public organizations are protected from crimes of all types and that those of us who need help can receive it promptly and efficiently, while at the same time recognizing the sacrifice our public safety personnel make every day.

Environment – The lead sponsor of the fracking ban, David strongly believes we have a moral duty to protect the environment for our children and future generations. He is a strong supporter of the expansion of the use of alternative energy and reduction of our dependence on fossil fuels to keep Maryland on the path of becoming a national leader in renewable energy policy. David is proud to serve on the Environment and Transportation Committee in the House of Delegates.

Bipartisanship – David believes in a Maryland state government in which the governor, legislators, other public officials, and the employees of state agencies work together to provide residents with a framework within which to achieve goals with due regard to political and philosophical differences, but always bearing in mind that accomplishing the people’s business should be their highest priority.

Women –  David is a strong supporter of women and women’s rights, especially centering on healthcare, financial security, education and job training.  A supporter of Roe v. Wade, David will fight any attempts to erode a woman’s fundamental right to privacy and freedom to choose. He also defends the right for equal protections under the law for women and any barriers women may face from obtaining equal pay and equal advancement.