David Fraser-Hidalgo – Maryland House of Delegates – District 15 – Democrat

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Fraser For 15, Campaign Chair Carmen Larsen, Treasurer Bryan Stabbe © 2017
FraserFor152 months ago
Thank you for your vote of confidence and your support in my reelection campaign. Because of your hard work, I am so happy to return to Annapolis this January to continue serving District 15 with my team – Delegate-Elect Lily Qi for State Delegate, Delegate Kathleen M. Dumais and Senator Brian Feldman

I could not have succeeded in my reelection effort without donors, supporters and volunteers. I truly thank each and every one of you for your hard work and perseverance.

I would be remiss if I didn’t provide a “shout-out” to Delegate Aruna Miller for her many years of service and professionalism in serving the District. I truly benefitted from Aruna’s guidance and leadership throughout my service in the House of Delegates.

I know that Delegate-Elect Lily Qi will be a terrific asset and ally on our team. I look forward to serving with Lily, Kathleen (Majority Leader)and Brian (Vice Chair of Finance) and for you in the years to come.

Thank you for your support!
FraserFor153 months ago
A cloudy, but great day to door knock in Clarksburg. Thanks to all our supporters. Brian Feldman, Kathleen Dumais, Lily Qi, and many more.
FraserFor154 months ago
Thank you to all that attended my fundraiser, what a great night!!
FraserFor154 months ago
Poolsville Day Parade! What fun!
FraserFor157 months ago
Tomorrow is election day. A big thank you to all my friends and supporters! Now let's get out and vote!
FraserFor157 months ago
Banning fracking was not only the right thing to do for our environment but also for our health. I am proud we were able to accomplish this. Thank you NARAL Pro-Choice Maryland

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2 days ago
Super! The House sponsor this year is former #police officer, Del. @fraserfor15. We must address the crisis in police recruitment while adding ethnic and linguistic #diversity to our force! #inclusion https://t.co/bgaW1ba9dH
1 month ago
Thanks to

from D15 for a meaningful conversation about JUFJ's #MDGA19 priorities:


We look forward to working with you in Annapolis! https://t.co/O2wjqewBIs
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2 months ago
. @StateMaryland has 'a lot to do. we’ve done some of the basics,’ Del. @fraserfor15 tells @Edison_Electric. has 10,000 of 300,000 #EV 2025 goal. the del. wants to work w/ @MarylandPSC ‘to get the utilities to be able to start to set up charging stations’ & eyes electric buses. https://t.co/6qgcYJP6xV fraserfor15 photo
2 months ago
Just finished speaking #1MillionEvs need more more more! https://t.co/Dv5VvoWqPj
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EEI @Edison_Electric
Annual sales of EVs will exceed 3.5 million vehicles in 2030, reaching more than 20 percent of annual vehicle sales in 2030. Learn More: https://t.co/fJfT9KXM5N #1MillionEVs https://t.co/FdvLF9cPmG