David Fraser-Hidalgo – Maryland House of Delegates – District 15 – Democrat

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Fraser For 15, Campaign Chair Carmen Larsen, Treasurer Kyle Johnson © 2019
FraserFor1529 minutes ago
Other countries are recognizing what we in Maryland already know: fracking is dangerous and contributes to harmful climate change. Glad to see this action in Ireland and to have been a leader in prohibiting fracking here in Maryland.
FraserFor154 weeks ago
I'm proud to join with colleagues from the House and Senate to protect Maryland from becoming home to a fracked gas pipeline. State and local leaders, activists, and a unanimous, bipartisan vote of the Board of Public Works have all said "no" to the Potomac Pipeline project, yet Columbia Gas is essentially suing the state to take our land.

In 2017 legislation I sponsored made Maryland the first state with gas reserves to legislatively ban fracking. We also have worked to increase our use of renewable energy by passing the Clean Energy Jobs Act and transitioning away from dirty fossil fuels. Construction of this pipeline is counter to the vision Maryland has for its environmental and energy future.
FraserFor151 month ago
Hemp production would create new jobs, provide new opportunities for farmers, and lead to more sustainable products for consumers. I'm proud of my role in moving the ball forward on hemp production in Maryland.
FraserFor151 month ago
I’m having a great time at Waredaca Brewing Company with my friends from Maryland Hemp Farmers. We’re celebrating legislative victories to build up the hemp industry in Maryland and talking about the work we still have ahead. I received a copy of HB 1123, my bill to expand industrial hemp production and processing, printed on 100% hemp paper.
FraserFor152 months ago
Wishing Lorig Charkoudian, David Fraser-Hidalgo and this guy, Brian Crosby the best of luck as they defend the honor of the Maryland General Assembly in the Tough Mudder Race today.
FraserFor153 months ago
Passed “Clean Cars Act of 2019”. More tax credits for purchasing an electric car in Maryland. Also, limits the dirty hydrogen production in MD via methane reformation. Thank you to Kumar Barve for his help.

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4 days ago
Speaker @DelegateAJones officially announces next year's House Bill 1, which will infuse over $2 billion in additional funding for school construction projects across the state over the next decade #Working4MD https://t.co/4NcQAoB1ms
2 weeks ago
What a smart group of activists!! Clean Cars Act of 2020 here we come! https://t.co/Z2iLQ00vzp
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MD VOLT INC. @mdvolt
Legislative meeting with @fraserfor15 - great discussions about future bills and initiatives with @EVAofDC, @mdvolt, @annapgreen and other #EV advocates. @TrueRespite https://t.co/qSlraDhRsL
2 weeks ago
If you don’t work with #soil daily, you may not realize how delicate it really is. Soil may seem infinite, but it’s a non-renewable #natural resource that is essential to our #food security. Learn what you can do to foster healthy soils at our website: https://t.co/3DdshbdF8C https://t.co/bgTlpv8VXd fraserfor15 photo
3 weeks ago
In The Town of Poolsville with the Poolsvile Commissioners helping with the presentation of the Monorail,a revolutionary project from Frederick to Shady Grove Metro. @MDSHA @MDOTNews let’s look an new options. Potentially taking 1000 of cars off 270 everyday. https://t.co/U9EfCk7bo5 fraserfor15 photo
4 weeks ago
In reference to President Trump’s recent tweets and media reports, the Montgomery County Department of Police will not participate with ICE regarding any immigration enforcement efforts next week or at any other time.